A Tale Of Two Sciences

Wildebeest in the savannah

Here is the tale of two researchers - an ethologist and a critical race theorist.

The ethologist is studying certain classes of sociobiological phenomena, displays of interspecific aggression in the savannah ecosystem of the African continent.

He posits that wildebeests cannot be agonistic towards lions because wildebeests lie in a lower trophic level than lions.

At the same time, the critical race theorist is also studying certain classes of sociobiological phenomena; displays of intraspecific aggression in the anthropogenic biomes of the North American continent.

He posits that human populations of Amerindian, African, East Eurasian and Oceanic descent cannot be racist towards a certain population of West Eurasian descent because they lie in a lower level of "institutional power" than these very West Eurasians.

The researchers then show their results to their colleagues.

The normative biologist receives scorn and ridicule for his spurious ad hoc reasoning and is never to be seen again in his faculty.

The normative sociologist not only receives praise and respect for his insight but his statement enters public discourse and becomes common sense.